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I eat dogs and I don't care who knows it

live outside your race
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Our mission: To spread awareness of political and cultural ideas which affect the Asian community. Also, anything that is cool or funny relating to Asian cultures. Art, writing, rants, etc are welcome. This is for the educated who live outside their race lines and who have a sense of humor. In general, we will strive to be what those half-assed Asian communities are trying to be, but better and more entertaining. Despite the name, this community is not dedicated to hating a particular group. We only want to weed out the stupid people.

  • You are one of those who define yourself by your race.
  • You spell Asian "azn" or if you truly believe in "Azn Pryde."
  • You are just looking for yet another Asian community to associate yourself with and not participate in.
  • You think this is just another Asian community to cross post in.
  • You are politically correct or get offended easily.
  • If you are under 17. Sometimes we will make exceptions, but in general your teenage shit is trivial and no one cares.

  • If the moderators decide your post is irrelevant, we will delete it. We do not want pointless posts to clutter up the community. Don't take it personally. Unless you make a big deal and we make fun of you for it, then you can take that personally.
  • We really mean it when we say this is for the mature, educated people. If your posts hint teenybopper mentality, we will delete it.
  • If you can't put together a coherent sentence, if you cannot spell shit out correctly, or if you are just trolling i.e. commenting just to start shit, we will delete it. Don't fucking waste your time or ours.
  • If we don't like you, we will ban you. Yeah we love the power-trip because we're assholes. Put up or get out. Don't bother lecturing us about censorship, we don't care. This is not a model community, we are not democratic, and we just plain don't give a shit if you have a problem with that.
  • Referring to the mods as Fascists, Neo-fascists, Nazis, Dictators, Assholes, or any other compliments is welcome. We enjoy the recognition.
  • If you don't like or agree with these, feel free to leave.
  • For examples of what is not acceptable in this community, see here

Although this community is Asian-oriented, non-Asians are of course welcome to join.

This is moderated by your Dear Leaders girlyunderwear and soiled_tampon